Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Easter....Almost.

This year the plan has been for us to go to Tucson for Easter. Therefore, we spent this past Sunday doing a Pre-Easter celebration with my family. Just like any kid would Cade loved this idea because he gets two Easter's.
Before we got to the park, my parents hid eggs all around the grass. We lined the kids up, and set them loose! The kids ran wild in search of all of the eggs.
I really thought Kylah would get into it because she loves carrying around purses and putting objects inside of them. However, she just wanted mommy and was content just holding onto her bag.

Now for the exciting news....Drum roll....... Caden was the winner with 21 eggs! He really doesn't know the difference between 21 or how he says, "eleventeen". But he knows he got the most, and that is all that matters!

I figured it is always a good way to end a post with two kids using their nebulizers! I spent the night at Mel's house for a couple of days to help her with her AIMS testing. Each night we had these two little asthmatics take their breathing treatments together and take their singular together. My what special we have! :)


Jenny said...

easter egg hunts are the best, especially when you find "eleventeen" eggs.

Jill said...

Meghan you kill me. You are hilarious! Love the nebulizer shot...only you! It was great to see you at the park. Miss you girlfriend!