Friday, March 13, 2009

My little monkey's

You know your son is cool when:
You walk in the room to find him dancing and singing in front of the mirror while singing the chipmunks. Cade's latest obsession is Alvin and the chipmunks. His favorite one is Simon because he is the biggest (go figure). I even have to do his hair like his, and here he is wearing glasses so he can look just like him. Got to love that kid and his obsessions. You know your daughter is cool when you don't even have to try to make her hair look crazy.
And when at 13 months she refuses to sit in a highchair and she needs to sit in a chair to eat because she is big like her brother.

I have such little monkey's, but I sure do love them!


Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

Seriously, you've just got some cool kids. :) I just love little kids and what they come up with and seeing how different their personalties are.

John and Jacy said...

Yes I know, I am a lousy friend. I'm really just super lazy with my blog. I just go to someone elses to link on to all my friends blogs. I got sick of typing in all those addresses. I love you Meg.

Karla Rauch said...

okay the Alvin and the chipmunk thing is adorable. It made me laugh. Oh things to look forward to with boys. I love it!

Tiffany said...

They are both so cool and cute!! fun post!

Liz and Trevor Weed said...

Love the update on Caden and Kylah! Kylah's hair is rockin'!

Be grateful Caden isn't wanting to be "Theodore" and wanting to be chubbier :)